Bits of Divorce Wisdom

Divorce is tough, but so are you.

The break up of a marriage can leave lingering feelings of shame, anger and regret for years. In the follow-up to her book Divorce Wisdom, attorney Juliet Laycoe breaks down her best advice based on more than twenty years representing clients.

Bits of Divorce Wisdom is packed with short but insightful tips designed to help you navigate complex situations while maintaining your sanity and integrity. Juliet teaches you to take control of your new life by giving you compassionate, honest, and practical guidance on a variety of topics including self care and the power of gratitude during tough times.

Avoid being trapped in the emotional turmoil of divorce. You have the ability to shape your experience and protect your family from unnecessary stress.

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Bits of Divorce Wisdom by Juliet Laycoe

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When you are going through a divorce (or really any tough time in your life), it’s important to find the right kind of support. Family and friends, even with the best of intentions, may not be helpful to your healing process if they are pessimistic or demonize your spouse. Surround yourself with people who build you up, support you, make you laugh and help you keep a rational perspective. You will get through this. Your support system will make a big diff erence to your mindset and healing.

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Juliet C. Laycoe

Juliet Laycoe dedicates much of her practice to helping people through one of the most life-altering and traumatic events—divorce. Her twenty years of experience include representation of clients in complex divorce litigation, as well as in high-conflict custody disputes.

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