Do you really need a divorce?

Published January 9, 2019
Divorce is permanent. Be sure.

Divorce is permanent.  So, if you are unsure about whether you want to be divorced, then it’s worth examining the uncertainty before setting out on a permanent course of action.

Examine the uncertainty

How do you do examine the uncertainty?  There is really no right or wrong answer.  However, ruminating with a friend over several beers probably isn’t a productive.  Likewise, airing complaints about your spouse to your mother who never liked your spouse to begin with may not provide you with that objectivity you need at this time.

Rely on resources

On the other hand, talking through the uncertainty with a mental health professional either individually or with your spouse present could be very helpful.  You might also consider reading some books on divorce uncertainty or divorce ambivalence.  In my book Divorce Wisdom, I include a list of suggested references or good books to read.

Be sure

This is your marriage.  Divorce is a permanent decision.  Be sure.