Avoiding a Divorce Horror Story

Published January 17, 2019

With the high divorce rate in our country, you probably know someone who has been divorced.  You may know several people who have been divorced.  You also may have heard horror stories about the legal process those people went through to get divorced. Let’s talk about that.

Horror – time and fees

We’re talking about divorce horror stories.  Maybe the divorce took years.  Or, maybe one spouse hid so much information from the other spouse that it disrupted the entire legal divorce process.

There is truth and reality to these divorce horror stories.  I have been involved in cases that have taken years to resolve and the parties have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney fees.  But, the legal process for divorce does not have to be a horror story.

There are options to avoid the horror story

Spouses going through a divorce have options.  Options like mediation, Collaborative Divorce or structured settlement negotiations.  In my book, Divorce Wisdom, I devote an entire chapter to process options to dissolve your marriage.

Divorce is hard, but it doesn’t have to be a horror story.