The Wisdom in Preparation

Unveil the mystery and discover what you should know about the divorce process

The Divorce Mini Course: The Wisdom In Preparation was intentionally created so that you can unveil the mystery and discover what you should know about the divorce process, and advocate for yourself.

It’s an investment in yourself and for your future.


Divorce is hardly ever something that you expect to happen, and understandably so… no one walks into a marriage thinking about divorce. 

Unfortunately, if divorce is happening to your marriage, you may feel very overwhelmed and unprepared amongst the million and one other feelings.  

 Once you or your partner have decided that you want a divorce, it’s vital to start preparing and planning as much as possible so you have what you need (emotionally & financially) to start this new chapter in your life.

Being prepared will help:

→ You have the leg up in the divorce process

→ Your attorney if you’ve gathered all the information

→ You make informed decisions about settlement, about your future, about plans

→ You feel more confident in the process 

You’ll walk away from this mini-course knowing…

  • What feelings may hold you back from feeling as confident as possible for this next chapter in your life
  • Which specific documents you need to gather for the divorce process & what to look for within those documents 
  • Which plans you can make in order to prepare for your family, kids, & future 
  • How to be an advocate for yourself in the divorce process
  • What questions to ask your lawyer, and when it may be a good time to ask for additional help with a mental health professional or family counselor.

And you’ll also get…

  • A lot of my recommendations and resources you can use to help you throughout divorce process 

This course is usually valued at $199 but it will be available for ONLY $99

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About Juliet

I’ve built my career on helping people just like you through the divorce process. I’ve observed the courage and tenacity of women as they transition from married to single. I know it is an overwhelming and scary time and I also know you can get through it and thrive after.

You deserve to be well-equipped for this extremely challenging life event. I’ve helped thousands of women through the divorce process, and now I want to help you.

I look forward to meeting you inside Divorce: The Wisdom in Preparation.

All the best,

Juliet 💙


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