Bad Behavior Has Consequences in Divorce

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What is bad behavior in a divorce?  A few examples would be:  destroying or disposing of your spouse’s email; hacking into your spouse’s email or trying to bury your spouse in the legal process.  For the most part, bad behavior in a divorce occurs when people do not have a grip on their emotions.

Emotions are intense and varied in a divorce

Going through a divorce triggers a wide range of intense emotions including but not limited to sadness, anger, confusion, disappointment, frustration, fear and guilt.  If these emotions are not handled with care, they will impact your ability to think clearly and act intelligently.  Emotions can be difficult for a person to tolerate, but bad behavior in a divorce has consequences. 

Consequences of bad behavior

The consequences of bad behavior may include:

  • A significant delay in the overall divorce process.
  • An increase in your attorney fees because your attorney will be called upon to put out unnecessary fires caused by your bad behavior.
  • The judge or decisionmaker in your divorce case may develop an unfavorable opinion of you.

Divorce decisions have a lifetime impact

The decisions made during a divorce can have a lifetime impact on you, your children and your future.  Consequently, you do not want bad behavior to negatively influence the decisions.  My book, Divorce Wisdom, has smart strategies for dealing with the intense emotions that divorce often brings as well as practical self-care suggestions.

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