Finding the Right Support During the Divorce Process

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Divorce can be an isolating and scary time. For many people, the breakup of a marriage is one of the most difficult times of their life.  Surrounding yourself with a group of people you trust and who are willing to support you can make the process less isolating and scary.  However, when you are going through a divorce, it’s important to find the right kind of support.

Family and friends, while with the best of intentions, sometimes aren’t exactly helpful.  In fact, friends or family who bash your spouse or recount their own negative divorce stories may actually bring your emotional well-being down and stall your healing process.  You want to surround yourself with people who build you up, make you laugh and help you maintain a rational perspective going forward.  

Suggestions for who you want in your group of trusted people while going through a divorce could include:

  • An attorney who practices in the area of family law or divorce. 
  • An accountant or financial advisor who can help you forecast tax and financial implications during and after divorce.
  • A mental health professional to assist you in processing your emotions and grief.
  • A friend who will listen to you and provide comfort rather than download and deliver advice.

If you are facing the decision to divorce or if you are already in the throes of a divorce, check out the Divorce Wisdom books and community.   

No matter where you are in your divorce journey, even if you’re only considering divorce, you will receive encouragement and support from books, courses and a Facebook community just for women.


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