Make Yourself A Priority

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If you are reading this, it means that the title “Make Yourself a Priority” struck a chord with you.  Perhaps you are feeling run down or defeated at work or home.  Maybe you are completely tapped out taking care of your family.  Maybe you have devoted a lot of time trying to make someone else happy and, in turn, you have been neglecting yourself.  Lowering ourselves on the totem pole happens and it happens more than it should.

Why are we less of a priority?

But, why does it happen?  Why do we make ourselves less of a priority from others?  I have a theory – guilt.  We feel a twinge, pang or giant smack upside the head of guilt when we do something just for us or carve out a few minutes of time only for us.  Holy moly.  Guilt is such an unproductive feeling.  When it comes to priorities and our own selves, I believe that guilt has no place in the fold.

Put on your own oxygen mask

Get rid of the guilt you feel.  Eliminate the voice in your head telling you that you should not take the bubble bath or go for the run because you have laundry or meal prep waiting for you.  Instead, heed the directive most of us have heard when the airplane we are in is about to take off –  put on your own oxygen mask first. 

Thrive over “just survive”

We are much better at caring for and helping others when we have taken the time to take care of ourselves first.  There should be no guilt in doing this on any day, but especially when we are experiencing a tough time in our lives, grieving the loss of a loved one, dealing with divorce or agonizing over a sudden change in employment. So, whether it’s ten minutes, ten hours or ten days of time just for you, do it.  Your life isn’t merely about surviving each day.  It is about thriving in the life you have. Make yourself a priority.  

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