When one door closes . . .


A couple years ago I had my eyes set on buying an old house, renovating it and converting it into a cool and classy office for my law practice.  I had the inside scoop on several houses in the downtown area that would be going up for sale.  I stalked those houses, picked out the one I wanted the most and visualized my future office space.  I enlisted the help of a commercial real estate professional and architect.  I paid for drawings and preliminary plans.  When I submitted my offer to purchase, I really believed the house was basically mine.  You can probably imagine how crushed I was when my offer was rejected.  I was so disappointed.  Then, I got mad – I think primarily at myself for getting my hopes up too high.  I invested in what turned out to be a pipe dream.  I even had a hard time driving by the block where “my” house sat without feeling bitter inside.

Another door opens

Two months after this disappointment, I began writing my book.  The entire process — writing, editing, design and publishing — took most of last year.  I bubbled over with excitement the first time I saw my book listed on Amazon.  But had I been doing demo to and remodeling of an old house like I had dreamed about, I probably would not have been able to write and publish a book.  Thinking back on these events, the disappointment I felt with one and the pride I feel with the other, the saying, “When one door closes, another opens” comes to mind.

Doors open even with disappointments

There are lots of disappointments in life that will lead to another door opening for us.  Some disappointments are small, and others feel tragic or catastrophic.  In my practice, I work with many people who feel disappointed about the breakup of their marriage, in their spouse for leaving or in themselves for cheating.   It can be so tough to get past disappointment.  However, and regardless of the disappointment, I believe that there are always opportunities for doors to open in some way.  Maybe the door that opens is a chance to reconnect with friends, explore interests and discover how capable you are on your own or maybe it’s a door that opens so you can pursue a different dream.

Divorce Wisdom was written because another door opened for me. I would be honored if you purchased a copy on this site or through Amazon.

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